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Reading Flash Cards 4-Pack

Product Number: SZ-04045
Combining letters, pictures, sounds, and small words starts your child's big adventure in reading! Four colorful flash card s...

Combining letters, pictures, sounds, and small words starts your child's big adventure in reading! Four colorful flash card sets in this one little package offer 4 times the learning! They're perfect for home and classroom. Our proven flash cards will introduce essential pre-reading and early reading skills for preschoolers, kindergartners, and beyond. The combination advances language skills, while also allowing for backtracking and reinforcing areas that still need practice and/or sharing with peers and siblings who are at a slightly different stage. Parent cards in the decks suggest more activities that help kids develop essential skills. Take them anywhere! Learning that goes where you go—that’s The School Zone Advantage®. Scroll down to read a description of each set.

Sight Words Flash Cards
  • 55 word cards
  • 1 parent card
See It, Say It, Read It! This deck supplies 110 high-frequency words that are important for beginning readers to master. At the bottom of the card is a small-print "answer" to the word on the other side of the card.
Ages 5-up

Phonics Made Easy Flash Cards
  • 54 problem cards
  • 1 parent card with directions
  • 1 word sound card for parents
Have a "wh...ale" of a time helping your childunderstand the sounds of letters and letter combinations. It will make learning to read and spell easy! Practice short and long vowel sounds like pig and pie as well as blends and combination sounds like pleasant and pheasant.
Ages 6-up

Word Families Flash Cards
  • 54 flash cards
  • 1 word endings card
  • 1 parent card
Cat, hat, sat, fat, rat! How many words can your child make with the same ending sound? Hey, they all rhyme! This set arranges simple words by their sounds into groups and includes 43 different word endings.
Ages 4-up

Picture Words Flash Cards
  • 53 picture word cards
  • 1 game card/reference card
  • 1 parent card with more game ideas
Use these cute and colorful cards to teach your child the basic words, like “hat,” “horse,” and “house.” This set can help little ones learn words by associating each word with its object or animal picture for better learning. They also help teach preschoolers and kindergarteners about context clues.
Ages 4-6

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